Deferred Disposition


If you are not eligible for a Driver Safety Course dismissal, you might still be able to get your case dismissed by successfully completing a Deferred Disposition probation.

What is Deferred Disposition?

Deferred Disposition is a suspended sentence. Upon your plea of "Guilty" or "No Contest", the Court may defer your finding of guilt until a later date, assess court costs and fees, and order you to comply with certain terms and conditions for a certain period of time. If you successfully comply with the terms and conditions, your case will be dismissed.

Apply in Person

If you wish to request Deferred Disposition, it is best to appear on your scheduled Court date and discuss your case with the prosecutor. All of the required paperwork will be completed in Court.

Apply Online

You may make a request for Deferred Disposition by completing the online Deferred Disposition request form. Please provide a good contact number, preferably your mobile phone number, in case the Court Clerk needs more information to complete your application. Your application MUST be received by the Court Clerk before the court date listed on your citation.

Print out and complete the Affadavit form, notarize it, and submit it with your application.

You may email to or FAX to 281-351-6256.

After the prosecutor reviews your application, he may offer you Deferred Disposition. You will be contacted with details.

If you and the prosecutor agree to the terms and conditions of your Deferred Disposition, you will have to come to the Clerk's Office during business hours to sign your paperwork. To avoid late penalties and other consequences, your paperwork needs to be completed no later than your scheduled Court date.

Complying With the Terms and Conditions

If you accept the prosecutor's offer of Deferred Disposition and agree to terms and conditions, you will enter your plea, pay your fees and costs, and begin your deferment period. If you comply with all the terms and conditions until the end of your deferment period, your case will be dismissed.

If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of your Deferred Disposition, a judgment will be imposed, a conviction will be reported to DPS, and an additional default fine will be assessed.