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If you miss your court date without a valid excuse, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.  You may use the link above to see if a warrant has been issued in your case.  Some warrants may not appear online, so you should contact the Court Clerk if you want to confirm whether or not you have a warrant. 

You have 10 days to make a court appearance after you miss your court date.  After 10 days, an arrest warrant will be issued if you have not made acceptable disposition of your case. Once a citation goes into warrant status additional fees will be added to the fine and court costs.

If you do not keep up with your payment plan, or if you otherwise fail to successfully complete your case, then you may be subject to a "post-judgment" arrest warrant, or "Capias Profine".

If you have an arrest warrant or Capias Profine, information about you and your vehicle will be entered into a nationwide police database. Should you be stopped for any reason, the law enforcement officer who stopped you will be notified by the police dispatcher that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. You may be taken into custody.  Your vehicle may be impounded. 

Tomball Municipal Court is serious about serving warrants.  If you have outstanding warrants, you should take immediate action. It will be costly and embarrassing to be arrested at your home or business.

If your case has gone into warrant status, your options include:
  • Option # 1 :  Appear at Tomball Municipal Court and plea "Guilty" or "No Contest".  Pay your fine, court costs, and fees.  If you cannot pay the fine in one lump sum, then you may apply for a payment plan. 
  • Option #2: Appear at Tomball Municipal Court and post a cash bond for the amount due.  Posting a bond will immediately remove arrest warrants.  You will be scheduled to come to court and discuss your case with the prosecutor.  Your cash bond amount will be fully refunded to you when you come to court and resolve your case.  If you have a "post-judgment" warrant, or "Capias Profine", you cannot post a bond.
  • Option # 3:  Go to a bail bondsman (Surety) and have him post your bond for you.  You will have to find a bonding company that is registered with Harris County. Posting a bond is not payment of your fine. Your warrants will be lifted, but you will have to come to court on your scheduled date.  The fees you pay to a bail bondsman are not refundable.  NO OUT OF COUNTY BONDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Option # 4: Hire an attorney.  Your attorney can file an "Attorney Bond" for you. Please note that the attorney has to be registered with Harris County as an approved surety.
  • Option #5: You can turn yourself in to the Tomball Police Department.  You will be taken into custody.  A Magistrate will see you within 24 hours to discuss your options with you.
  • Option #6: Come to a "Safeharbor" docket and speak to the judge about your warrant.  You will not be arrested if you appear in Court for a "Safeharbor" hearing.  "Safeharbor" dockets are usually on Wednesday mornings at 9:00.  You should contact the Court Clerk in advance for instructions on when and where to appear.

 Payment options for warrants are CASH, Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard ONLY), Money Order or a Certified Bank Check . NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted once you have a warrant.  No phone payment will be accepted. Credit cards holders need to appear in person .

  If your warrant has been assigned for collection, a Private Collection Agency will contact you with information about your warrant and methods of payment accepted. Be aware that your warrant is still active and you are subject to arrest until the warrant amount has been paid in full or your case is otherwise disposed.