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Debt Information
The City of Tomball currently has outstanding debt as detailed in the City Debt Information
below.  Principal and interest payments are made on February 15 of each year and a second
interest only payment is made on August 15 of each year. The schedules presented show
outstanding debt for the current fiscal year.


Below is a summary of all the debt obligations of the City of Tomball.  The debt obligations
includes tax-supported obligations and obligations supported by the enterprise fund. The
source for the population figure used in the per capita calculations comes from U.S.
Census Bureau Quick Facts population estimates, July 2015.

Total outstanding debt obligations

Total tax-supported debt obligation

Total revenue-supported debt

Total Lease-purchase obligations

FY2015-2016 Total

 $ 30,290,000

 $ 26,860,750

 $ 3,429,250

 $ 731,142

Per Capita (11,540 est. population)


debt-taxrevenue-supporteddebt trend FYE2016.jpg

debt-obligations-inflation taxsupported-debt-per-capita FYE2016.jpg

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Debt at a Glance tool