Utility Billing

The City of Tomball water, sewer and natural gas system is set up as a self-supporting utility. In other words, all of the money received from water and sewer bills is used to pay the operating costs for the system. Water and sewer payments are not used for any other service the city provides.

Your water and sewer bills are based on the amount of water you use. Every customer has a water meter that separates the city’s water system from his/her private plumbing system. Once the water passes through the meter, the customer has purchased it and it no longer belongs to the city. The meter reading crew visits every meter each month to record the reading on the meter. This determines the amount of water that has been used and the amount that needs to be billed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out my utility provider if I do not live inside city limits?

2. When is my bill due?

  • Bills are always due by 4P.M. on the last business day of the month to avoid a late penalty.

3. When does my bill have to be paid in order for me to avoid interruption of service?

  • Bills must be paid by the close of business day before the tenth (10th) calendar day.

4. Can I receive my bill electronically?

5. Can I have my bill drafted automatically?

  • We offer bank draft and credit card drafts. We draft on or after the 28th but before the due date appearing on your utility bill. Bank drafts are set up through our office and credit card drafts our set up through our online portal.

6. Does the city provide trash cans for residents?

  • Residents may use a Poly Cart provided by the residential garbage provider.  To request Poly Cart service please contact the Utility Billing Department. 
  • The city provides residents with two (2) rolls of trash bags each year starting in January.

7. Do my tree limbs have to be bundled in order for WCA to pick them up?

  • Tree limbs must be bundled and must not exceed four (4) feet in length, four (4) feet in height, and four (4) feet in width. Tree limbs larger than four (4) inches in diameter will not be collected.

8. When is the citywide recycling event?

  • The citywide recycling event takes place every April around Earth Day. 

9. How do I reserve a city park?

  • Complete the park reservation application and return to Alexus McMinn at amcminn@tomballtx.gov or fax (281) 351-4735. For questions about park availability call (281) 290-1400.

10. How do I report a street light outage?

  • Street light outages must be reported to CenterPoint; you can report on outage on their website.