Building Division


Welcome to the City of Tomball Building Division. The Building Division is responsible for the code compliance of all construction in the City of Tomball. We review all plans for residential construction, remodeling, additions, and new commercial and tenant change outs.

We provide support for the citizens of the City of Tomball and inspect their construction to make sure it meets minimum building codes.

The City of Tomball is currently on the following codes:

  • 2012 IBC
  • 2012 IRC
  • 2012 IPC
  • 2012 IMC
  • 2011 NEC
  • 2015 IECC
    • The State of Texas has signed HB 1736 into law. This law requires all residential and commercial buildings to meet the 2015 IECC. To stay in compliance, the City of Tomball began requiring all buildings to meet the 2015 IECC. This change went into effect on November 1, 2016.