Patrol Division

Captain Rick Grassi graduated from the Lamar University Regional Police Academy in Beaumont, Texas in 1994, and immediately began his career in law enforcement. After serving almost four years with Lufkin Police Department, he became a member of the Tomball Police Department in 1998, in which he was assigned to the patrol division.

In 2000, Rick Grassi was promoted to the rank of Patrol Corporal. He later was promoted to Sergeant in 2002 and held the position of Administrative Sergeant, directly accountable for the department’s CALEA Recognition process. In 2006, Rick Grassi was promoted to the Rank of Captain, in which he currently serves as the Commander overseeing the Patrol Operations Division.

Captain Grassi received his bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Houston and received his Masters of Public Administration from Sam Houston State University. He is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy - 216th Session, and Leadership North Houston Class #10.


The Uniformed Patrol Operations Division has the primary responsibility for the protection of the citizens of the City of Tomball. It is the policy of this department to staff, equip, and maintain a uniformed patrol component to engage in a wide variety of law enforcement activities. The patrol operations division is designed to perform the following:

  • Patrol activities
  • Crime suppression activities
  • Response to citizen service request
  • Preliminary investigations
  • Traffic safety
  • Provide first responder emergency services
  • Develop a proactive partnership with our citizens
  • Ride-a-long with an officer
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Primary Objectives

The primary goal of the Tomball Police Department Patrol Operations Division is to protect the community and promote public safety through proactive policing strategies to suppress crime and reduce traffic accidents.

To address this goal, the Patrol Operations Division implemented:

  • District oriented policing methods
  • Crime awareness programs
  • Field interview cards
  • Proactive responsive anti-crime programs