It is the policy of this department to establish and maintain a police tactical component consisting of a Strategic Response Team (SRT) of highly trained and skilled individuals to be used in response to specific critical, high-risk and potentially dangerous occurrences. The Tomball Police Department’s Strategic Response Team (SRT) consists of 7 Police Officers who provide specialized services in support of the Tomball Police Department's mission. The main goal of the SRT is to provide protection and safety for innocent civilians and police personnel at high-risk incidents.

The Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) was formed to bring about peaceful resolution to extremely volatile situations. The team responds to call-outs throughout the year. Typical calls might involve a person barricaded in a building to avoid arrest, someone threatening the life of a hostage or a wide variety of other crisis events that threaten the safety of the community. The vast majority of incidents are resolved without further injury or violence.

Each member of the team (SRT/CNT) has attended rigorous SWAT schools and specialty schools to increase their skills, knowledge and abilities. The Tomball Police Department has provided each member with the highest quality weaponry, equipment and technology necessary and essential to safely perform their job task. In 2005, the Strategic Response Team executed multiple narcotic search warrants and was responsible for the seizure of several weapons, narcotics, and U.S. currency. The team has also created a network with other tactical units throughout the region. This networking showed to be effective as 36 tactical police officers maintained a perimeter to preserve peace during the KKK Rally that came to Tomball. The SRT/CNT responds to a variety of situations such as Barricaded Suspects, Hostage Situations, Dignitary Protection, Civil Disturbance, Search & Arrest Warrants, Armed Suspect, Narcotics Warrants and Anti-Terrorism.

Strategic Response Team Mission Statement

The mission of the Tomball Police Department Strategic Response Team is to deliver mental, physical and tactical preparedness in the face of crisis situations. The Strategic Response Team trains and deploys as a unit focused on trust, discipline and teamwork. In doing so, the Strategic Response Team stands ready to defend from harm and oppression, those who work, live and recreate in the community. The foundation of the Strategic Response Team is built on Honor, Integrity and Ethics. The Team’s mission will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and excellence.