Office of the Chief

“The sole reason we exist is to serve the citizens of Tomball.”

When I first came here as Chief of Police for the Tomball Police Department I found this motto on the webpage, on the letterhead, and almost everywhere one could look. Shortly after I got here' I began to realize that this is not just another one of those catch phrases that sounds good and doesn’t really have any effect on the organization. As I sat through roll calls, visited individually with members of the Department, and most importantly, visited with citizens of the community, I came to realize the men and women of TPD not only believe this slogan, but are committed to exemplifying it in every encounter with the community. As I moved through the community meeting with citizens, business leaders and community leaders, I am constantly provided with examples of how much the community respects and appreciates TPD because some officer or dispatcher took the time to help solve a problem, provide a calming voice in an emergency or just took the time to listen. I have watched as TPD officers apprehended armed robbers, patiently talked with someone having mental health issues, consoled victims involved in major accidents or excitedly provided tours to a large crowd of fourth grade students. I have watched as dispatchers went that extra mile to help find a missing elderly person, calmly dispatched officers during a pursuit and a robbery response all while still answering someone’s questions who needed assistance and patiently listened to a senior citizen’s problem, even though it did not involve police department action. Down-time for dispatch was to help decorate the Christmas tree so it would be ready in time for the pictures to be taken for Shop With A Cop.

I haven’t been a member of this Department for very long, but in the time I have been here, the men and women of the Tomball Police Department have certainly convinced me that “The sole reason we exist is to serve the citizens of Tomball.”

Billy Tidwell

Chief of Police

Chief Tidwell and Woman