At a Glance

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"The sole reason we exist is to serve the citizens of Tomball"

This is the motto followed by the diversified staff of the Tomball Police Department. The Tomball Police Department has taken great strides to enhance our service capabilities for both our citizens and the dedicated police personnel who serve them.

Today’s 21st Century policing is driven by integrated information and technology systems. To that end, our City Manager, Mayor and City Council members have permitted us to make prudent use of these tools to increase both our effectiveness and our efficiency in the delivery of services. These technologies and information systems help keep our personnel costs down while giving our citizens a better, and more informed police officer in addressing crime and accident trends. We have aggressively built upon our core Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and records management system to place necessary support tools out to our patrol fleet and allow officers to remain in the field patrolling businesses and neighborhoods. This integrated “systems” approach allows officers to have a virtual office via their mobile data computers located in their patrol unit. With this capability, officers can perform the following tasks from their patrol units; receive calls for service via mobile computers, write and transfer reports, access criminal histories and other valuable information, and communicate with surrounding emergency services, creating interoperability. We have continued to develop new programs, as well as build on the already implemented programs. This allows officers to remain of the street and be readily available when called upon by the citizens of the community. The system has proven itself effective by the decrease in officer call response time to citizens’ call for service.

Tomball Police Department patrol fleet is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to meet our public safety mission. Each patrol cruiser serves as an officer’s mobile office with full audio and video capabilities, mobile data computers with virtual office and database capabilities, wireless network systems, and modified less-lethal weapons and Taser technology. Each officer receives continued in-service training to maintain skills and proficiency.

The Tomball Police Department continues in its relentless pursuit of excellence and increased our patrol staffing with highly qualified officers. This strategic measure was taken to meet the ever increasing service needs of our fast growing community. Many of our officers are subject matter experts in various areas such as firearms instruction, rape aggression defense, ground fighting, drug recognition, and crime prevention. This information is shared among all members within the department.

Tomball Police Department continued to reach out to the community by continuing to build the foundation between law enforcement and the community in which they serve. This foundation is constructed with community-based programs such as Citizens Police Academy, Volunteers in Policing Services, Explorer Post #5451, Tomball Apartment Managers Group, Blue Santa, Story Time, and the Tomball Rape Aggression Defense training.


“The sole reason we exist is to serve the citizens of Tomball.

When I first came here as Chief of Police for the Tomball Police Department I found this motto on the webpage, on the letterhead, and almost everywhere one could look. Shortly after I got here, I began to realize that this is not just another one of those catchy phrases that sounds good, but doesn’t really have any effect on the organization. As I sat through roll calls, visited individually with each member of the Department, and most importantly, visited with citizens of the community, I came to realize the men and women of TPD not only believe this slogan, but are committed to exemplifying it in every encounter with the community. As I move through the community meeting with citizens, business leaders and community leaders I am constantly provided examples of how much the community respects and appreciates TPD because some officer or dispatcher took the time to help solve a problem, provide a calming voice in an emergency, or just listen. I have watched as TPD officers apprehended armed robbers, patiently talked with someone having mental health issues, consoled victims involved in major accidents or excitedly provided tours to a large crowd of fourth grade students. I have watched as dispatchers went the extra mile to help find a missing person, calmly dispatched officers during a pursuit or robbery response while still answering someone’s questions that needed assistance, patiently listened to an senior citizen’s problem even though it didn’t involve police department action, or decorate the Christmas tree so it would be ready in time for the pictures to be taken for Shop With A Cop.

I haven’t been a member of this Department for very long, but in the time I have been here, the men and women of the Tomball Police Department have certainly convinced me that “The sole reason we exist is to serve the citizens of Tomball.”

Billy Tidwell

Chief of Police