Planning Documents

FM 2920 Access Management Study

FM 2920 Access Management Report Cover_thumb.jpg

Completed in November 2008, the FM 2920 Access Management Study identifies access management improvement techniques for the FM 2920 corridor from Hempstead Road to Lexington Road. The study includes collection of sufficient information to measure, evaluate, and identify a range of viable short, medium, and long-term improvement concepts that will improve safety and mobility; reduce motorist delay; reduce crash rates; enhance land use; and preserve long-term property values along the corridor. These strategies will focus also on providing opportunities along some sections of the corridor for pedestrian connectivity as well as aesthetic and landscaping treatments, which will help stimulate economic vitality.

Major Thoroughfare Plan

Major Thoroughfare Plan Cover_thumb.png

Completed in February 2009, the Major Thoroughfare Plan establishes a thoroughfare classification system, including typical sections for each classification; thereby defining parameters such as right-of-way (ROW) width, pavement and median widths, number of lanes, etc.

Livable Centers Downtown Plan

FINAL Tomball Livable Centers Downtown Plan Cover_thumb.jpg

Completed in September 2009, the Livable Centers Downtown Plan provides recommendations for infrastructure improvements and urban design solutions for Downtown Tomball.

DRAFT Downtown Specific Plan

DSP - Draft Cover_thumb_thumb.jpg

The DRAFT Downtown Specific Plan will regulate land use and development in the Old Town area, as defined in the Tomball Comprehensive Plan. It will identify an appropriate mix of land use intensities and establishes development and design standards for new development and redevelopment. The intent is to ensure long-term economic vitality and protect the quality of life within the study area. The DRAFT Downtown Specific Plan is in the review process and has not yet been adopted by the City of Tomball.