STOP Signs

Stop signs will be replaced within 2 hours during normal working hours (7AM-4:45PM, Monday-Friday) after hours they will be replaced by the employee on call, as soon as possible.

To report a stop sign down, call Public Works, during working hours (281) 290-1400, after hours, call the Police Department (281) 351-5451.

What is the purpose of a stop sign?

Stop signs are used to assign the right of way at intersections and to make sure that traffic flows smoothly and predictably. However, the overuse of stop signs will cause drivers to ignore them, especially on residential streets with little to none traffic flow volumes. This can become hazardous with the non-compliance of drivers and can cause many drivers to briefly stop and then return to the same speed or speed up. The brief stop and the faster acceleration can lead to more emissions from vehicles released, which leads to increased air pollution, wastes fuel, and creates traffic noise.