A Shift

James Jones

James Jones

James holds a Bachelors degree in Fire Science Administration and many certifications including: Master Firefighter, Incident Safety Officer, Investigator and more. James holds a Fire Officer designation through the Commission on Professional Credentialing and a Graduate Grade with the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Jose Belman


David Hill

David Hill started as an EMS Dispatcher for Cypress Creek and now he serves as Lieutenant for Tomball. He has been a Firefighter for ten years and was promoted to his current position in 2017. He plans on becoming an Arson Investigator. 

Tom Richardson
Driver Operator/EMT-P


Lori Bradshaw

Lori has an Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science Technology. She was Part-Time Firefighter of the Year in 2013. Lori hopes to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Service Administration and to be a Captain one day

Adam Morris
Driver/Operator & EMT-B

Adam has attended Victoria College Fire and EMS Academy. He has previoulsy served the Port Lavaca Fire Department. Adam aspires to have fun.

Brad McDearman
Driver/Operator /EMT-B

Brad holds an associates degree in Fire Science. He has served both the communities of Tomball and Montgomery. He has previously worked as an garage door mechanic, a security contract manager, and for construction. Before Firefighting, Brad Brad hopes to keep learning and moving forward while teaching the new crews ho to succeed.

Volney "Rusty" Alston

Rusty was proudly hired by Tomball Fire Department in 2018. He has served as a Firefighter for about 21 years and has worked within various communities. He holds many certifications, such as, Fire Investigator and Driver/ Operator. Rusty plans on spending his career with Tomball Fire Department and serving the community with professionalism and dedication. In his free time, Rusty enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the outdoors.

City Seal

Cristian Falcon



Steven Foehner                Captain/EMT-B



Matthew Capozzelli Lieutenant/EMT-B

Chris Thornton
Lieutenant/ EMT-B

Chris served in the United States Marine Corps as a Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist from 1997-2005. Currently, he is serving the Tomball community as a Lieutenant in the Fire Service. He holds many certifications including, but not limited to: Advanced Firefighter, Officer II, and Hazmat Incident Commander. Chris plans on finishing his college degree. In addition, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Chris McLaurin Driver/Operator/EMT-B


John Kelley           Driver/Operator/EMT-P

Nathaniel Doe Driver/Operator/EMT-P

Nathaniel has been serving the Tomball community for 5 years now. In addition to being a Paramedic and Firefighter, Nathaniel used to be an Umpire. He was awarded 2017 Driver/Operator of the Year. Nathaniel hopes to continue to master his craft as a Driver/Operator and Paramedic, so that he can serve his community to the best of his abilities.


Chris Lee                             Firefighter/EMT-B

Christopher has attended the Lone Star College’s Fire Academy. He hopes and plans to be a successful Firefighter, leader, and great husband. He dreams about opening a fishing charter doing offshore trips for Tuna.

Alexander Lavery Firefighter/EMT-B


Melanie Orellana     Firefighter/EMT-B

C Shift

Joshua Brookshire

Captain Brookshire has been a dedicated Firefighter for about 18 years and has served at multiple departments: Taylor, Baghdad, and Tomball. In 2013, he was awarded Firefighter of the Year. He has undergone many training sessions and has received multiple certifications, including Hazmat Tech, Instructor 2, Officer 2, and Wildland Firefighter. He hopes to provide excellent community service through constant training for the perfection of his job as a firefighter.

Dave Harrington

Dave has been serving the Tomball community for about 5 years now. He holds an associates degree in Fire Science, but is going to be continuing his education to receive a bachelors degree in Fire Administration with Texas A&M San Antonio. He holds many certifications including, but not limited to: Advanced Firefighter, Instructor II, Officer I, and Driver/Operator Aerial. Dave hopes to continue his training and education, so that one day he can be a Battalion Chief. He hopes to retire and live a healthy, happy life.

Mariah Smith Driver/Operator/EMT-B

Mariah Smith is described by her fellow colleagues as a skilled, fast learner. She has served both the communities of Magnolia and Tomball. She was awarded Rookie of the Year at the Magnolia Fire Department in 2014. She has attended Paradise Valley Community College. Her previous jobs and hobbies include: Athletic Trainer for high school programs, Physical Therapist Assistant for OSR in Arizona, and she was a Starting Catcher with the Boulder Creek Softball Team. Her goals include: working up through the ranks to someday become a Chief Officer, open an Animal Rescue Ranch, and finish college.

Mariah Jaquez (MJ)

John Chambliss
Firefighter/ EMT-B

John Chambliss is an extraordinary Firefighter that received the Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Award for 2017. John is the Owner and Operator of Power Fitness Tomball. John attended Baylor, College of Medicine, where he received various trainings and rehab certifications. He hopes to help the Tomball Fire Department achieve excellence in Community Services by being a valuable asset to his team. In addition, he hopes to become a Captain one day.

Kye Rymer
Driver/Operator & EMT-B

Kye has received his education and certifications from the Lone Star College system. He has served in the Navy and dreams of retiring on his own private island one day.
Steven McHenry
Lieutenant/ EMT-P

Steven holds many certifications including, but not limited to: Hazmat Tech, a National Registry Paramedic, and Tactical Medic. He has worked with the community of Tomball since 2010, has held the position of Lieutenant since 2016. He serves part-time with the communities of Cypress Creek and Klein. In 2011 he was presented with the Rookie of the Year award, in 2012 he received the Firefighter of the Year award, and in 2015 he received the Citizen’s Commendation Award from Harris County for a heroic, lifesaving action. Steven plans to continue to progress in his career and to eventually retire as a District Chief or Training Chief.

Cody Collins           Firefighter/EMT-B

Garrett Mears

Jared McGann         Firefighter/EMT-B