Support Services Division

Support Services Division
​The Support Services Division is overseen and commanded by Lieutenant Danny Arriaga.



The support services division has the primary responsibility for the communication function of the department, records service, recruitment, and fleet management. The Support Services Division is comprised of the following:​​

Communications Division​ 

• Receives and dispatches all police / fire calls for service ​ 

• Answers all emergency 911 calls and dispatch emergency personnel ​ 

• Maintains a hard-copy and electronic record of all communications ​ 

• Maintains the computer aided dispatch system and enters all computer generated material into various state and local      criminal justice systems ​​ 

 Records Division ​ 

• Incident reports ​ 

• Accident reports ​ 

• Supplemental reports ​ 

• Arrest jackets ​ 

• Public information request ​​ 

 Recruitment/Hiring ​

• Coordinates all recruiting events/police academy visits ​

• The point of contact for prospective employee applicants ​

• Oversees background investigations of applicants 

​​Mini Academy (New Hire) 

• Lieutenant Patin coordinates the 4 week long training academy that goes over city and departmental policies, report writing, use of force, firearms, traffic stops, and the field training program. 

​​Fleet Management 

• Oversees the department’s fleet, and fleet budget. 

​• Ensures that all department vehicles are properly maintained, equipped and functional for day to day operations.