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  1. Trash Containers

    Can we please start using trash containers like Waste Management does in the Woodlands? Not only does it look really crummy having trash piled on the streets, it is a problem with animals (wild and...

    Jan 25, 2013 by Mike Wangsmo (7 points)

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  2. Spring Cypress construction - tree line the streets

    The area of Spring Cypress just west of 249 has new grass lined islands in the center. This could be given a large scale beautification if some trees were planted in those medians. It would add a...

    Apr 25, 2013 by Kevin Elliott (5 points)

    1Votes Up 1Votes Down 4Comments

  3. Build bike paths

    Build bike-only paths in public parks and along creeks, streams, and bayous. There is no decent, safe place for cyclists to ride in Tomball. A few parks do have short paths and trails, but these only...

    Oct 24, 2013 by Chris (5 points)

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  4. Medical Complex street

    Why is it taking so long for the road to be finished? Are you using the same construction company as 290? The cherry road intersection is very dangerous now because of it. It's been 3 years.

    Apr 26, 2016 by Rusty (12 points)

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  5. Pelican Style Garbage Carts

    Replace current garbage bags & recycle bins to pelican style rolling carts. Much easier to handle, not susceptible to animals tearing into them when set out overnight and could reduce cost of...

    Dec 25, 2016 by Don C. (18 points)

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