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    1. The following items are needed in order to proceed with Credit/Debit Card Abuse case(s). After it is confirmed that the offense occurred in the City Limits of Tomball, please check each item that you have possession of. Packets received without one or more of the following items may be returned or suspended with no investigative follow up completed. A case number will NOT be assigned until all submitted information has been reviewed. Incomplete packets may be returned or suspended and not investigated.
    3. Completed Credit/Debit Card Abuse Report for each unauthorized transaction
    4. Copy of credit card or bank statement bearing victim’s name and full credit/debit card number.
    5. From the bank or credit card company: a copy of a signed affidavit or charge dispute form or fraud form.
    6. Completed victim/witness statement describing in detail what occurred.
    7. Victim signature, date and time turned in.