Outdoor Burning

Outdoor Burning Regulations

In Tomball

Outdoor burning inside the City Limits of Tomball is prohibited. This rule was adopted in 2008 by Tomball City Council. This includes the burning of leaves, branches and other vegetation.

It does not include the use of chimeneas that are commercially available and used within their intended purpose. The following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using fire pits and chimineas.
  2. Do not use paper products or flammable liquids to start fires, instead use kindling or fire starter logs.
  3. Do not burn grass, leaves or limbs with leaves or pine needles.
  4. Use a mesh screen to prevent embers from causing unwanted fires.
  5. Never stand close to a fire when wearing synthetic fabric clothing.
  6. Keep a garden hose or other water source close by.
  7. Never leave a fire burning unattended, even for a few minutes.
  8. Must not be located within 10ft. of combustible construction or on balconies. *(Commercial property only)

Burn barrels (55 gal. drums) do not meet the requirements of approved fire pits and are not allowed.

Any burning designed to be used for land clearing must adhere to the following requirements.

  1. Allowed only for major land clearing on commercial property.
  2. Must be performed using an AIC (air incinerator curtain), registered with TCEQ.
  3. Obtain a permit from TCEQ prior to submitting a permit application to the Fire Marshal.
  4. Provide a site plan for approval to the Fire Marshal.
  5. Apply for a permit with Fire Marshal's Office.
  6. Comply with all TCEQ regulations.

Surrounding Tomball

Areas surrounding the City of Tomball are required to follow the rules established by Harris County and the State of Texas.

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