Criminal Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up investigations of most criminal offenses and other support function of the department. This division is organized into the Investigations Unit, the Information Systems Unit, and Investigative Services Unit (property / evidence) personnel, training, and the Criminal Intelligence function.

Investigations Unit Tasks

  • Follow- up on cases not initially cleared by patrol division
  • Recognize and document patterns of crime
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Coordinate with and assist other agencies
  • Gather and disseminate criminal intelligence to other divisions and agencies
  • Interview suspects, witnesses, victims, and arrested persons.
  • Initiate narcotics cases
  • Work with all confidential informants
  • Conduct undercover and special operations
  • Maintain all records and interview listed sexual offenders residing in Tomball
  • Complete all background investigations on new applicants to the Tomball Police Department.

Property & Evidence Tasks

  • Preserve and maintain all evidence 
  • Package, record and store evidence for court and/or future use 
  • Submit items to the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office: evidence, narcotics, bodily fluids, etc. 
  • Maintain chain of custody and a high level of security with all evidence storage procedures 

Crime Scene Investigations

  • Process major crime scenes
  • Collect, preserve and develop all evidence
  • Assist in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of suspects

Internal affairs

  • Thoroughly investigate formal complaints assigned by the Chief of Police


  • Thoroughly investigate formal complaints assigned by the Chief of Police
  • Determine the validity of complaints filed against department members

The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Lieutenant Albert Chambers.