Theis Attaway Nature Center

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13509 Theis Lane
Tomball, TX 77375

Theis Attaway Nature Center is a City of Tomball Park with a four-acre nature preserve. The park was donated and dedicated in memory of A. W. (Allie) Theis by his wife, Thelma Attaway Theis, and their children. The forefathers of the Theis family settled in the Tomball area in 1846. The park is located off Theis Lane northeast of the Wal-Mart Superstore at 13509 Theis Lane. There are eight parking spots total, including one handicap spot.

The park features:

  • Grassy Amphitheater– There is an amphitheater near the front of the park, beside the pond. It features three stone seating tiers around a compact stage. Great for entertaining small groups or outdoor educational programs.
  • Walking Trails – There is a 6' wide asphalt-walking trail averaging about ¼ mile from start to finish. Along the trail, you will find trash cans, two nice shaded picnic areas and five benches.
  • Pond – In the 1950s, iron ore was dug from this location for use in widening what is now State Highway 249. The iron ore pits became the family swimming and fishing hole. These ponds have been transformed into a wildlife sanctuary for birds and small animals. Aquatic vegetation has been added to supply oxygen and food to support the wildlife and fish population. Special wildlife islands have been created in the pond to provide a home for migratory birds. The pond features a walk-out pier, perfect for fishing or observing the park's wildlife.
  • Restrooms – Available are water fountains and nice clean restrooms, maintained daily by the Public Works Department.