Public Improvement Districts

Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) are defined geographical areas established to provide specific types of improvements or maintenance, which are financed by assessments against the property owners within the area. 

PIDs provide the City with a development tool that allocates costs according to the benefits received. A PID can provide funding for supplemental services and improvements that meet the needs of the community, that could not otherwise be constructed or provided. 

Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code authorizes the creation of PIDs by cities, to help spur economic development by providing a means to improve infrastructure and promote economic growth. PIDs provide for the financing of the cost of public improvements or services that benefit a definable part of the City with the costs borne by those landowners within the PID boundaries who receive special benefits from the public improvements or services. 

City Council approved an update to the City of Tomball Development Policy for Special Financing Districts in November 2022.

Administrative Policy No. 18 - Development Policy for Special Financing Districts

Special Financing District Application

PID 1 – Pine Country is a cash PID that was established March 5, 2007 by Resolution Number 20017-14, for a 15-year term. The district is for residential property only for development of single-family homes, and consist of 68 lots. The equivalent tax rate is $0.50 per $100 of assessed value. 

Pine Country PID map 

Creation Resolution

Service and Assessment Plan Ordinance

Assessment Ordinance

Revised Assessment Ordinance

Development Agreement